The Kat Elektronik is engaged in buying and recycling of electronic waste:

On The boards should be the all "native" elements that do not contain power supplies (batteries), the elements of package, fittings, glass displays, the boards do not have the parts containing mercury components and electronic scrap is in the dry state.


Prices may change depending on the course of prices on the DM and the amount of scrap.

Pickup and removal is possible.


We can buy chips, boards or other electronic scrap, and the guarantee such conditions for the disposal of individuals and entities that do business with us an honest and mutually beneficial.

We also provide pickup in any amount, in the city and outside of Estonia.

Elements and details of the content of precious metals are raw materials, for which we are willing to pay a good price.


Do not accept:

 Refrigerators, microwave ovens, electric ovens


NB! Electrical scarp in large quantities we export by our own transport!