The KAT ELEKTRONIK Company is pleased to welcome you to this site! Our company was established in August 11, 2011. 

Our main fields of activity are the buying up, collection, and handling of electronic devices, catalytic converters of cars, and waste containing precious metals. Thus, we provide availability of precious metals for future generations.  We are focused on long-term cooperation and strong partnerships, so we try to pay our customers the highest bidder for the delivered raw material.  Mutually beneficial cooperation offered to individuals and legal entities. If necessary, the contract is concluded.


Our collection point features all the necessary devices – this allows us to evaluate your scrap metal with maximum speed and precision.Trained specialists involved to work.


We buy scarp of electrical engineering and wasted motor catalysts in any quantity. No restrictions in this matter, so it does business with us comfortable and extremely easy.



The Kat Elektronik has license № L. JÄ/321198 to collect all kinds of electronics and motors.