Kat Elektronik buys up and utilises catalytic converters of cars for the purpose of handling them in a waste management plant.

The bases for price formation are the precious metal content in certain types of catalytic converters and the current exchange prices of Pt, Pd, and Rh. Price is set for 1 kilo of the carrier (ceramic or metal) located in the catalyst or for the whole catalyst tank. The cost of the catalyst tank depends on the type of tank, type, region of origin, duration, and conditions of operation and other factors. For more information on the classification of types, please contact our staff.

Types of catalyst carriers:

The catalyst is a metal case in which is placed device composed of ceramic combs.

There are two main types of structures used in the catalytic converter - a construction by type "combs" and "ceramic beads". Most cars use comb structures.

The catalysts have three components:



On modern cars are usually equipped two types of catalysts: ceramic or metal. Ceramic catalysts are less expensive and therefore more common. But the ceramic catalysts have a significant disadvantage - their fragility. The metal catalyst is more robust and can withstand various mechanical loads a long period of time.


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